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South Street Media Monthly Investor Awareness 
Campaign Outline

(a) Shareholder Communications: Shareholder Communications: South Street Media will serve as the single point of contact on all press releases for shareholder communications providing: 1) professional public relations representation; 2) direct and ongoing contact with current investors; 3) answering all inquiries and 4) fielding all ad hoc public relation concerns in order to enable our client to focus on their core business

(b) Research Coverage and Updates: South Street Media will provide research and opinionated articles during the campaign encompassing 1)attractive investment aspects; 2) peer-sector valuation comparisons; 3) upside valuation, and; 4) technical chart updates

(c) Social Media Distributions: Assistance in distributing Company news and research write-ups on a number of social media platforms, trader forums, and other stocks active within your sector for greater investor exposure. In addition, we will become moderators on company boards to provide and maintain updates and provide for positive perspective for new investors researching the company

(d) Email Alerts: Providing email blasts to prospective investors about the Company entailing recent news or research updates to our database who trade small cap stocks in your price range and/ or within your sector of business

(e) Press Release Drafting: Assistance in drafting, editing, and/or providing ideas for press releases that will increase shareholder interest based on growth within the Company or current events within the Company’s sector, as well as provide maximum distribution and market impact

(f) Investor Feedback Form: will have investor/shareholder feedback form where we can data-mine for investor names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and accredited investor status. These can be used as potential direct mailer leads or possible candidates for private placement opportunities

Private Placement Companies

Additionally, while South Street Media specializes in raising awareness for public companies, we also work with private placement companies as well. Our focus, when working with private placement, is a more hands on approach than anything else. We tailor your campaign according to your needs, and find the right network of investors and/or secondary brokerage firms that may be interested, and arrange meetings and/or conference calls to get your story brought out to multiple prospective parties. South Street Media has an extensive network of institutional and accredited investors, and the advantage of being within a short range of these investors in the New York City/ Financial District area for face to face, one on one meetings.

Retail Investor Awareness Outside of the US

South Street Media’s latest feat has been expanding outside of the US and raising awareness to investors on companies outside of the US. Our goal is to continue expanding our clientele to a diverse and extended mixture of companies within Euronext, LSE, Frankfurt, and CSE. Our objective is to expand American investor awareness to these other exchanges, and companies within those exchanges; informing them from how to easily trade the company securities, to a more diversified market and different popular sectors. Corporate road shows are especially effective for non US-clients who want to immerse into the US radar.

Unlike other market awareness companies, we don’t promise unrealistic outcomes. Our results are very realistic and rely a lot on the story we have to work with. When you base this on references from our prior performances, you’ll find that we do indeed bring success and exposure to the public companies that we work with.

"South Street Media's handling of our corporate communications, has been a great compliment in our overall awareness campaign, and at a very affordable price for the services they provide."

Dr. Steven Victor, CEO
Intellicell BioScience (OTC:SVFC)

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