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Recent Campaigns

New America Energy Corp. (OTC:NECA)
New America Energy Corp. through it's recent acquisition of Alpharetta, GA based Title King LLC provides short-term high interest loans to consumers through the collateral use of car and truck titles. The Company operates in the alternative financial services industry, providing automobile title loans to consumers who own their vehicle free and clear and need convenient and simple access to funds

Friendable, Inc. (OTC:FDBL)
The Friendable app has a growing base of free and subscription based (paid) dating users across more than 60 countries, and a brand recognized in the social networking category of the Apple iTunes marketplace. The app is currently available in iTunes for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod (key word "Friendable).

InterCore Energy, Inc. (OTC:ICOR)

InterCore Energy, Inc. is a public company focused on the commercialization and deployment of the ADS(TM) System and related products, through its subsidiary, SRG, Inc. Designed around proprietary alertness detection technologies, the ADS(TM) System helps alert operators to their work activity capability based on real-time monitoring of their state of alertness.