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South Street Media
Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Based in New York’s Financial District, South Street Media, Inc. is a full service social media and public relations firm.  In this age of communication, it is increasingly important to utilize all channels to reach the investment community.

South Street Media believes in taking their client’s growth slow and steady, building a larger and more reliable investor following. We specialize in a series of angels to target investor awareness including, but not limited to, research reports and price target valuations, email alert services, social media distribution, corporate road shows and live events, direct mailing campaigns and much more depending on what the company’s direction is. We understand that every Company is different as far as operation, story, and goals are concerned, so we work closely with every client to get a sense of which direction they are looking to move into, what they hope to achieve, and we tailor our campaign to those needs. No investor awareness campaign is the same, and we take pride in finding a formula that gets your story exposure; nothing is uniform.

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